Norfolk Pastures Bulk Straw 4.8kg


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Norfolk Pastures Bulk Straw 4.8kg

Norfolk Pastures Bulk Straw 4.8kg –

We only use barley straw, this is because of its golden colour and soft stalks, compared with wheat straw which is sharp and brittle and may cause harm to your small animal’s eyes.

It is less likely to cause eye injuries and infections because its stalks are softer. Wheat Straw is known to be sharper and brittle and much more likely to cause eye problems.

Once again the straw is harvested when it is golden in colour and at its driest and stored in barns.

It is left in longer strands for a more natural burrowing material.

Key Features:

  • Bale of straw with carry handle
  • Use for bedding, nesting & feed
  • Provides essential fibre vital for digestive systems in small animals
  • Suitable for use with Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
  • Encourages natural chewing behaviour to help keep teeth ground down & healthy
  • Dust extracted for a clean & healthy feed with no metal or fungal spores
  • Reliable & high quality feed & bedding for small animals

Size: XL (4.8 kg)

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