Oase AquaActiv BioKick fresh 500 ml


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Oase AquaActiv BioKick fresh 500 ml

Oase AquaActiv BioKick fresh 500 ml –

Dramatically reduces the time required for the bacteria build up in pond filters.

This allows ammonium/ammonia, nitrate and nitrite to be quickly and effectively composed.

The microorganisms contained in Oase BioKick Fresh are freeze-dried in a gentle process and are only activated through contact with the liquid nutrient solution.

Through the included nutrients and settlement granulates, the cultures enjoy optimum conditions for becoming immediately active.

It is ideal for use in spring, for new filter systems, acute water problems, or after medication has been administered for optimal performance.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Contains more than 50 billion active microorganisms
  • Highly effective pond filter starter
  • The start up time of biological filter media is significantly shortened
  • Removes toxic pollutants such as ammonium/ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Ideal for new filter systems, high pollution levels or after filter cleaning


Remove the container with the dry cultures and add the content of the liquid nutrient solution in the bottle.

After shaking vigorously, the solution turns yellow, indicating correct mixing.

The cultures are now activated and start to multiply. Leave the bottle open after activation, as otherwise over pressure may occur.

After waiting for 20 minutes, the cultures are ready for use. The concentrate should now be added promptly into the pond filter.

Switch off UVC equipment before and for three days after treatment.

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