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Lazy Bones Open Top Antique Parrot Cage


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Lazy Bones Open Top Antique Parrot Cage

Lazy Bones Open Top Antique Parrot Cage –

The Open Top Parrot Cage is the perfect cage for parrots that like to explore outside their cage.

This Cage comes included with:

  • Wooden perches
  • 3 food cups
  • Wheels
  • Seed guard
  • Skirt
  • Pull out tray

Food cups make feeding much easier with minimal mess.

The pull out tray aids you with cleaning and maintenance without disturbing the bird.

This bird cage can be easily transported from room to room on its’ stand and wheels, meaning less strenuous moving effort for you!

Please note, this bird cage is only suitable for bigger birds i.e parrots, macaws etc.

Size with seed guard and open top: 101 x 82 x 151cm

Size without seed guard and closed top: 81 x 62 x 151cm

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