Pillow Wad

Pillow Wad Maxi Hay


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Pillow Wad Maxi Hay

Pillow Wad Maxi Hay –

The softest which is more palatable to small animals and is full of natural vitamins.

Left in longer strands, easier for pets to burrow and retain it’s natural goodness.

This hay is Ragwort free, a potentially feed to animals.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Dust extracted and sieved to remove dust spores.
  • Unchopped to help the hay retain its natural goodness and increase the benefits for dental wear and digestive health.
  • Suitable as feed and bedding.

Size: 3.75Kg

Directions for Use

Rabbits should have access to a good quality forage such as hay at all times. They should be eating roughly their own body weight in forage daily.

Always ensure fresh water is available and also provide some greens on a daily basis.

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