PR Live plant Cryptanthus Sp. (5.5cm pot) – (Cryptanthus Sp.) – PPL210

PR Live plant Cryptanthus-

Earth Star – Cryptanthus Sp.

Unlike most bromeliads this species requires a shady position and a damp soil. Do not waterlog or the roots will rot. Reproduces slowly from offshoots.

Earth Stars are a terrestrial bromeliad and are grown slightly differently from their epiphytic cousins. They prefer damp conditions and some shade and have extensive root systems that are used to absorb moisture and nutrients, unlike epiphytic species who’s roots are mostly for attachment.

They will grow in bright light but care must be taken not to scorch them with spot bulbs, etc. In bright light the colours are not so intense.

They grow very low to the ground and are ideal in the foreground of a terrarium arrangement.

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PPL210 – MPN : PR Live plant Cryptanthus