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ProRep Crestie Life 10L

ProRep Crestie Life 10L –

A blended substrate to help create the ideal environment for Crested Geckos and other arboreal species.

Part of the species specific “Life” series of substrates, designed to meet the needs of arboreal species that require high humidity.

The mix of ingredients provides an open structured substrate that will hold moisture, releasing it slowly into the atmosphere to maintain a high humidity.

It’s open structure ensures that air is able to penetrate deep into the substrate layer.

This will prevent stagnation and unpleasant smells and the slightly acidic PH helps to inhibit bacterial growth.

You can use Crestie Life as an active medium for growing live plants that need a neutral or acidic soil.

It is not suitable for plants that need alkaline soil, or in enclosures that have aquatic areas that may then cause the substrate to become waterlogged.

Suitable as an egg laying medium and eggs laid in it will not dehydrate before they can be collected.

Contents/Weight: 10 Litres

Crestie Life is suitable for all arboreal species, including invertebrates such as stick insects.

For use as a general substrate with arboreal lizards a layer of 2.5 cm – 5 cm is sufficient.

Directions: Spread the substrate evenly over the bottom of the enclosure to a depth suitable for the species and use.

Keep the substrate sufficiently damp to maintain the required humidity.

You can spray water onto the surface, where it will quickly absorb. You can also pour into one corner to create variations in substrate water content throughout the enclosure.

It is important that the substrate does not become waterlogged. This could then lead to stagnation and unpleasant odours.

You should spot clean Crestie Life daily. Remove faeces along with the substrate around it and replacing with a small amount of fresh substrate.

The nature of Crestie Life means that you only need to carry out complete changes if the substrate becomes waterlogged or excessively soiled.

When using with a heat mat: If you are using a heat mat as your heat source for arboreal species we recommended you mount on the wall, and at the top of the terrarium.

If you use a heat mat under the tank then you cannot use a thick layer of Crestie Life as this may cause the heat mat to overheat.

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