ProRep Natural Liana Vine


ProRep Natural Liana Vine

ProRep Natural Liana Vine –

Attractive natural vine from South East Asia.

The authentic twists and contours of each vine provide a unique and natural arboreal perch or basking area.

Ideal for use in naturalistic or bio-active terrarium set ups.

They can also help anchor live epiphyte plants to create a truly stunning terrarium landscape.

Sizes available in: 60 cm and 120 cm.

Key Features:

  • Attractive natural vine from South East Asia
  • Authentic twists & contours
  • Provides arboreal perch
  • Good for epiphytic plants
  • Ideal for naturalistic or bio-active habitats
  • Also available in two sizes

Surely adds a touch of the exotic to any vivarium or terrarium set-up!

Please note that these wooden vines are natural products so may then differ from images displayed.

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PR Natural Liana Vine, 120cm – MPN : DPE002 ,
PR Natural Liana Vine, 60cm – MPN : DPE006

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