Rosewood 2 In 1 Carrot “Beehive” Bed

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Rosewood 2 In 1 Carrot “Beehive” Bed

Rosewood 2 In 1 Carrot “Beehive” Bed –

We’re pleased to present new additions to our Snuggles range: four designs with our exclusive Carrot print.

All designs feature tough, durable polyester fabrics and two also have a gorgeous, super soft plush trim or lining.

The “Bee Hive” bed doubles up as a hooded bed or snuggle cup. All sized for Guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and dwarf rabbits.

Suitable for hand-washing only.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for small animals
  • Features tough, durable polyester fabric & also super soft plush trim
  • Suitable for Guinea pigs, Ferrets, Rats and Dwarf rabbits
  • Suitable for hand-washing only

Outer diameter: 36 cm     Inner diameter: 26 cm     Height: 25 cm   Opening size: 19 cm x 9 cm

Snuggles range created to look fantastic and also offer a five star snooze at camp bed prices!

It’s a small animal thing!

From guinea pigs to degus, hamsters to ferrets, we surely know that small furry friends have big personalities – and very loving owners.

That’s why here at Rosewood we’ve then developed lots of industry firsts to keep small furries, happy, healthy, entertained and comfy.

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2 In 1 Carrot “Beehive” Bed – MPN : 19613