Rosewood Wacky Rollers


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Rosewood Wacky Rollers

Rosewood Wacky Rollers –

These are stimulating gnaw toys part of the Boredom Breaker range!

Rabbits and rodents such as hamsters and guinea pigs dont always get as much of our time as other pets, so its even more important that they are kept mentally stimulated.

Our Boredom Breaker range of activity toys helps to brighten your pet’s day by allowing them to exhibit natural behaviours such as gnawing, climbing or jumping, chasing and hiding and generally destorying things!


5 x 5 x 12cm Approx


Suitable for:

Rabbits, Hamsters, Small Animals


As with all toys, examine this toy on a regular basis, and remove and replace if it becomes excessively damaged.

Made with pet safe materials, dyes, and glues.


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