Rosewood Woodies 3-D Carrot
Rosewood Woodies 3-D Carrot
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Rosewood Woodies 3-D Carrot


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Rosewood Woodies 3-D Carrot

Rosewood Woodies 3-D Carrot –

Hours of stimulating fun for Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Mice.

Made with pet safe materials, so its fun and safe to chew.

Rabbits and rodents love, even need, to chew wood but your customers are also looking for attractive and innovative designs.

Hanging products are especially popular and our Fruity Spinners and Rainbow Mobile will brighten any pet’s home and are also ideal for pet birds.

Our 6cm diameter Fruity Rollers and chunky 14cm 3-D Carrot offers pets a stimulating challenge.

The carrot easily slots together and then rolls around as the pet tries to gnaw it. For added fun slices of vegetables can be wedged between the wooden discs.

Its a small animal thing!

As with all toys, remove and replace when it becomes excessively damaged.


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Boredom Breaker Woodies 3D Carrot – MPN : 19721