Seachem GarlicGuard Supplement



Seachem GarlicGuard Supplement

Seachem GarlicGuard Supplement –

GarlicGuard™ Additive is an all natural garlic scented odour and flavour enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish. Our research has shown that many fish are attracted to natural odours, such as garlic.

Simply mix GarlicGuard™ with any food item, to attract the interest of finicky eaters, e.g. discus and marine angelfish. GarlicGuard is also safe for reef and planted aquariums.

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Key Features:

  • Concentrated garlic supplement
  • Enhances appetite
  • Also contains Vitamin C, a strong anti-oxidant
  • For Fresh & Marine Water


Sizes Available:

100 ml, 250 ml, 500ml


Shake well before use. Soak food in GarlicGuard™ before feeding. Safe for use with medicated foods (to attract the interest of finicky eaters to the medicated food).

Completely soak this food mix in GarlicGuard™, refrigerate, and feed once or twice daily for 1–2 weeks.

GarlicGuard™ is best in a food soak so that the fish can directly get the benefits of the product.

Our GarlicGuard™ does not expire and does not need to be refrigerated.


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100ML – MPN : 20700,
250ML – MPN : 20702,
500ML – MPN : 20704

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