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Simple Solution Toilet Training Puppy Pads


Simple Solution Toilet Training Puppy Pads

Simple Solution Toilet Training Puppy Pads –

Puppy Training Pads will make house training your puppy much easier, so wave goodbye to the days of messy newspaper.

Great for housebreaking your new puppy and also for providing a toilet area.

For indoor, confined or also ill pets.

Made from a super absorbent top layer with plastic backing and the added benefit of a pet attractant to make training your puppy simple and easy.

Key Features:

  • Hold 10 times more liquid than standard economy pads
  • Use advanced Polymer Technology to convert liquid into gel & also lock in moisture
  • Specifically designed neutralisers eliminate tough urine odours
  • Accelerate training time by encouraging instinctive elimination
  • Absorbent core draws in wetness to also prevent messy tracking
  • Embossed quilt pattern traps urine & directs moisture down
  • Five layer construction traps more urine for repeat use or also large breed pets

Also suitable for adult and senior dogs, in particular house dogs, Puppy Training Pads offer a simple way to protect the home from stains and odours.

Sizes available:

  • 14 Pack
  • 30 Pack
  • 56 Pack
  • 100 Pack

Simple Solution’s range of cleaning products and accessories provide everything you need to successfully toilet train your pet.

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SS TRAINING PADS 14PAD x 1 – MPN : 401692,
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SS TRAINING PADS 30PAD x 1 – MPN : 535640

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14 Pack, 100 Pack, 30 pack, 56 pack