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Sky Pets Calcium & Bee Pollen Perch


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Sky Pets Calcium & Bee Pollen Perch

Sky Pets Calcium & Bee Pollen Perch –

Fun to chew perch with all the benefits of bee pollen.

This Chewable and Edible Calcium and Bee Pollen Parrot Perch is made with real bee pollen and 100% digestible calcium.

Key Features:

  • From the adventure bound range of toys
  • Made from edible calcium & bee pollen
  • With a stunning honeycomb effect
  • Vibrant colours
  • Helps keep your birds nails & beak trim
  • Easy attachment to most wire cages

Measurements: Medium – 20 (L) x 3.5 (W) cm

There are 22 basic elements in a bird’s body including enzymes, hormones, vitamins and amino acids. These elements must be renewed by nutrient intake. No one food contains them all – except for bee pollen!

Quick and easy to attach to your Parrot’s cage, this Medium Calcium and Bee Pollen Perch means your Parrot can enjoy chewing whilst discovering the benefits and healing power of bee pollen.

Plus, the uneven surface keeps your Parrot’s feet well exercised and healthy too.

Please note the colour supplied may vary from the image shown.

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