SuperFish Bio Air Filter



SuperFish Bio Air Filter

SuperFish Bio Air Filter –

Effective biological sponge filter with chambers for biological filter media, safe for shrimp and newborn fish.

An air pump is also required.

Sponge filter with chambers for biological filter media, ideal for small aquariums and breeding tanks.

Integrated biological filter media compartment (filter media not included) for advanced filter performance.


  • Mechanical filtration; suspended dirt filtered out of the water by the sponge.
  • Biological filtration; useful bacteria attach to the sponges converting harmful ammonia (NH3) into nitrite (NO2) and nitrate (NO3).
  • You can fill integrated chambers with biological filter media to then boost the filter capacity.
  • Alternatively you can fill the chambers with activated carbon which then absorbs colourants and toxic substances.
  • The sponges also act as a grazing meadow for shrimp.
  • Safe for shrimp and newborn fry, as they cannot be sucked into the filter.
  • Height adjustable through telescopic exhaust pipe, easy installation with suction cups.
  • Equipped with two sponges, so you can clean these alternately.

Sizes available: Small or Large

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  • Small – MPN: A7010060
  • Large- MPN: A7010065

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