Superfish Bird & Cat Protector

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Superfish Bird & Cat Protector

Superfish Bird & Cat Protector –

Motion activated ultrasonic pond protector.

Detecting unwanted visitors, harmlessly chasing them away with an alarm, ultrasonic sound and/or flashing lights (LED).

Easy installation: Place the Bird & Cat protector near your pond, charge the batteries and select an ultrasonic sound frequency.

Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Built-in Solar panel and 3 rechargeable AA-batteries.
  • Batteries can also be charged with the USB cable.
  • Infrared sensor with adjustable range up to 8 metres (110°)
  • Choice of 5 alarm settings (see side of package and user manual)
  • Ultrasonic sound is not or barely audible for people.
  • Splash proof.

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