Superfish Easy Plant Floating Hyacinth

Superfish Easy Plant Floating Hyacinth –

Artificial floating Hyacinth for your aquarium. Decorative artificial plant offering cover for fish, shrimp and fry.

Easy Plants offer natural looks and hiding space for your fish, without the inconvenience of real aquarium plants.

Made of superior materials copying the natural beauty of real plants and are easy to use and clean.


Usage: Unpack plants and rinse with clean tap water before adding to the aquarium.

Never use chemicals for cleaning as these will harm your fish, clean with fresh tap water only.

Whether live or artificial, plants offer a place for fish to hide and feel secure.

Aquarium plants bring many benefits to a fish tank and its inhabitants.

They’ll make your fish tank look much nicer, and can create a realistic natural habitat for the inhabitants of your aquarium.

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