SuperFish Home 8 Filter Cartridge


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SuperFish Home 8 Filter Cartridge

SuperFish Home 8 Filter Cartridge –

Replacement cartridge for Superfish Home 8.

This cartridge contains active filter carbon that absorbs harmful substances from the water.

The cartridge also removes odours and helps keep the water crystal clear.

Therefore you need to replace the cartridge monthly.

Key Features:

  • Replacement cartridge for Superfish Home 8
  • Keeps water crystal clear
  • Contains activated carbon to remove odours
  • Replace the cartridge monthly

Activated carbon filters out harmful liquid substances from the water, such as heavy metals, odours, discolourations, pollutants and toxins.

It is worth noting that the carbon will also strip out most fish medications and treatments so you should remove the carbon if you need to treat the fish for any illness.

Contents: 1 filter cartridge

Useful accessories for easy maintenance of your aquarium. SuperFish develops various tools to then help you clean your aquarium.

With these tools you can surely enjoy a successful aquarium hobby.

SuperFish makes your aquarium hobby successful, complete with aquariums, filters and filter media, heating, lighting, ventilation and useful accessories.

It is our goal to make your aquarium hobby successful and affordable.

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