Superfish Koi Pro Fish Feeder

Superfish Koi Pro Fish Feeder –

Feed your fish on time with the Superfish Pro Koi Fish Feeder.

Programmed to dispense between 1-24 meals into your garden pond and the waiting fish below. Can set it at any desired time as well as volume allowing you to vary how and when to feed your fish.

A mounting bracket is provided to allow installation of the feeder on a wall, post or even ground mounted to sit at the best position around your pond. The control unit is connected to the feeder and can also be mounted in any easily accessible position.

Can hold up to 7 Litre in food capacity and is also suitable for 2-9mm pellets. 10 Metre cable allows for a suitable connection to any outdoor electrical point and gives a greater reach for positioning anywhere in your garden.

The perfect device to ensure your fish are fed when you can not be there, making it ideal for use on long work days or when going on holiday.

Comes with easy set up instructions and mounting bracket.

Key Features:

  • Automatically dispenses fish food into pond. Suitable for pellets between 2-9mm.
  • Suitable for daily use as well as ensuring fish are fed during holidays.
  • Can be mounted on Walls, poles, floors and also decks.
  • Easy to program – can dispense 1-24 feeds a day.

Size: 30cm x 30cm

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