SuperFish Pond ECO Plus E



SuperFish Pond ECO Plus E

SuperFish Pond ECO Plus E –

Provides performance, efficiency and reliability making it an ideal filter pump for koi and fish ponds.

Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted installation.

ECO Plus E Pump range is one of the most economical available.

These electronic pumps are perfect for water movement and filtration with an extremely low power consumption thanks to the improved pump motor which offers superb performance, head height and all importantly, low running costs.

The pump also has a thermal overload safety device. In the event of any overheating of the motor, the thermal overload will engage, automatically switching off the pump.

Sizes Available:

  • E 3500 – 14W
  • E 5000 – 22W
  • E 8000 – 41W
  • E 10000 – 68W
  • E 12000 – 85W
  • E 15000 – 130W
  • E 20000 – 150W

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The Pond ECO Plus E Pump range is extremely reliable in operation.

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3500 – 14W MPN: E7070177
5000 – 22W MPN: E7070179
8000 – 41W MPN: E7070182

10000 – 68W MPN: E7070184
12000 – 85W MPN: E7070187
15000 – 130W MPN: E7070189
20000 – 150W MPN: E7070197

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