SuperFish Scaper Qube 15

SuperFish Scaper Qube 15 –

Made of Crystal Clear glass, which ensures a crystal clear underwater image.

The model has been specifically developed for Aquascaping, so the dimensions are perfect for creating beautifully planted underwater landscapes.

Hang on Filter:

The perfect hanging filter for aquascape aquariums

Scaper LED lighting:

The Scaper LED lighting is tailor made for the Scaper Aquariums. With a high light output for optimal plant growth.

Complete with:

  • Scaper Tank
  • Scaper Qube LED 15
  • Hang on filter 50
  • Colombo flora grow
  • Isolating safety underlayer
  • Background poster

Volume: 15 Litres
Size: L x D x H 25 x 25 x 25 cm
Lighting Scaper Qube LED 15, 12 Watt, PAR 269
Filter Hang on Filter 50 (6 Watt)

With these tools you can surely enjoy a successful aquarium hobby.

Superfish makes your aquarium hobby successful, complete with aquariums, filters and filter media, heating, lighting, ventilation and useful accessories.

It is our goal to make your aquarium hobby successful and affordable.

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