SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium Kit White

SuperFish Start 70 Tropical Aquarium Kit White –

An attractive aquarium for tropical fish.

Easy to install and therefore ideal for first-time aquarium enthusiasts.

Complete affordable starter kits with energy-efficient LED lighting, internal filter and also handy accessories to start the aquarium hobby.

Tropical kits also supplied with an aquarium heater! The flap on aquarium lid then makes feeding your fish easy.

Start 70 and 100 equipped with Retro LED Bright lighting. White light, perfect for plant growth.

Capacity: 60 Litres       Dimensions (L x W x H): 58 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm – including hood    Colours available: Black or White

Tropical Kit includes everything you need to set up a successful tropical aquarium:

  • Retro LED Bright Lighting (12 Volt, 11 Watt) – safe and energy saving, bright light also perfect for plant growth
  • Extra clips to add a second Retro LED tube
  • Superfish Aqua-Flow 200 Internal filter – easy to use and maintain
  • Superfish Fish Net – for catching fish or removing debris from the aquarium
  • Colombo Aqua Start – makes tap water suitable for the aquarium by removing chlorine
  • Colombo Bacto Start – living bacteria to start up and improve your filter performance
  • Superfish Eco Heater – heats up the aquarium water to the right temperature
  • Superfish Thermometer – to check the water temperature of the aquarium
  • Aquarium Cover – Lid to make feeding your fish easier
  • Comprehensive manual also included for a successful start

Please note: This aquarium is only available via “Click & Collect” due to its fragility or size.

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