Supreme Science Selective Rabbit 10kg


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Supreme Science Selective Rabbit 10kg

Supreme Science Selective Rabbit 10kg –

Vets believe that high fibre is most important when recommending a rabbit food.

Wild rabbits mainly eat grass, which naturally contains 20-25% fibre. Rabbits’ teeth and digestive systems have evolved to need a high fibre diet.

25% fibre to provide your rabbits with a high fibre, tasty diet that will help to keep your pets in the very best of health, naturally.

With forage as the main source of fibre, Selective contains lots of other tasty, natural ingredients too. Linseed with Omega 3 & 6 helps to keep your rabbit’s skin and coat in tip top condition, as well as natural prebiotics to help promote friendly bacteria.

  • High fibre for wellbeing and vitality
  • Kind to teeth
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Naturally great taste and satisfaction

Size: 10 kg

If you are feeding Selective to your rabbits for the first time, make sure you change from one food to another, gradually over 10-14 days.

At first, you should mix a small amount of Selective with your rabbits’ current food. Slowly decrease the old diet, whilst gradually increasing the quantity of Selective.

A sudden change in diet can cause digestive upsets – even when you are changing to a better quality diet – so take care!

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