TastyBone Antler Venison Flavour


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TastyBone Antler Venison Flavour

TastyBone Antler Venison Flavour –

With shapes inspired by nature, the TastyBone WILD range will surely give dogs a taste of the wild.

Our natural inspired nylon bones offer a safer, long-lasting alternative to the real thing.

Infused with delicious food-grade Venison flavour through to the core, this super long-lasting chew promotes strong and healthy teeth and made right here in the UK.

We are also proud to launch our first eco-friendly plastic free packaging design!

Key Features:

  • Made in the UK
  • Realistic natural looking Antler shape
  • 100% virgin nylon
  • Suitable for Small/Medium breeds
  • Eco friendly plastic free packaging design
  • No shelf life
  • Food-grade synthetic flavouring
  • Infused with Venison flavour through to the core

Antlers have soared in popularity, however there is always a high risk of an antler splintering and causing injury.

Our nylon alternative is long-lasting, tasty, splinter free and calorie free and is much more cost effective than the real thing.

Quality Guaranteed: TastyBone only use human consumption grade flavours with no animal content, salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.

Only the finest quality materials are also used to manufacture tough and tasty chew, treat and play toys that dog’s love worldwide.

Now that’s what we call tail waggingly good.

Infused with Flavour: TastyBone products are not just a one minute wonder.

Unlike other competitor brands whose bones are simply coated with flavouring, the material used in a TastyBone is infused with flavouring using our unique process, whether it be nylon, rubber, flexible or edible.

This then means our bones permanently keep their lip-smackingly tasty flavour. Mmm…

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Venison Flavour Antler – MPN : 820247