Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan

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Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan

Tetra Goldfish Gold Japan –

Premium Pellets for all Japanese goldfish and other exotic goldfish.

Rounded, fine granules with a short softening time for a wholesome, varied diet for all Japanese goldfish variants. (Veiltail, Dutch Lionhead, Lionhead, Ryukin, Globe Eye, etc.)

The mini pellets sink to the bottom, then meeting the proven feeding habits of all Japanese goldfish types.

Rich in vegetable proteins that ensure optimum digestion and also reduce the possibility of intestinal problems.

Key Features:

  • Premium Pellets for all Japanese goldfish & exotic goldfish
  • Rounded, fine granules with a short softening time
  • Pellets sink to the bottom
  • Rich in vegetable proteins
  • Reduces the possibility of intestinal problems
  • Easily digestible
  • Biologically balanced

Easily digestible and biologically balanced, “clean and clear” formula then ensures low waste for healthy water. Carotenoids also enhance naturally vivid colours.

Sizes available in:

  • 55 g (100 ml)
  • 145 g (250 ml)

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Tetra has been around since 1951. We’re the largest global manufacturer of ornamental fish food and also the acknowledged global authority. We offer thousands of products and serve more than 1,000 dealers worldwide.

Tetra has the largest research and development department within the aquatics industry.

One focus of our work is a new development of innovative products that contribute significantly to the protection of our nature, our environment, and natural resources.

Here we are setting new standards year after year.

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