Tetra Pro Algae Multi-Crisps

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Tetra Pro Algae Multi-Crisps

Tetra Pro Algae Multi-Crisps –

An advanced daily diet for all tropical fish.

Premium complete food with excellent nutritional value thanks to its gentle, low-heat manufacturing process. The additional algae concentrate enhances fishes’ resistance.

Concentrated multi crisps contain a source of Spirulina for health and increased disease resistance. Ideal for herbivorous fish such as mollies certain barbs and gouramis and Lake Malawi cichlids.

Improved digestibility delivers better nutrition compared to flakes and the low heat process preserves more essential nutrients.

Nitrogen and phosphorus production is reduced helping to control algae as well as a reduction in solid waste. This will make your aquarium easier to maintain.

Feed several times a day in small portions.

Key Features:

  • Highly nutritious complete food for best feeding
  • Gentle, low-heat manufacturing process for high nutritional value & vitamin stability
  • With algae concentrate for enhanced resistance
  • Contains Prebiotics for improved digestion
  • Efficient food utilisation for minimal waste & water pollution
  • For healthy fish & clear water

Sizes available in: 18 g (100 ml), 45 g (250 ml) and 95 g (500 ml)

TetraPRO has set a new standard in fish nutrition. Manufactured using a gentle, low-heat process. Special manufacturing method gives a very high nutritional value.

The multi-crisps also absorb less water than normal flake food. This then increases the nutrient content per volume.

All TetraPRO foods also offer an optimised protein-fat ratio. This ensures fish can use the protein specifically to build muscle at the same time providing plenty of essential fatty acids for energy generation.

The additional energy concentrate in the multi-crisps also contains high-quality oils to improve fish vitality. The innovative 2-colour technology visually represents these additional benefits.

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