Tetratec Tetra IN Plus Internal Filter


Tetratec Tetra IN Plus Internal Filter

Tetratec Tetra IN Plus Internal Filter –

Powerful and convenient internal filters for physical, biological and chemical filtration.

Ideal for keeping aquarium water healthy and for mechanical, biological and chemical filtering. Complete with media and pipe work, simply attach the provided suckers and then fix to the side of the aquarium.

Designed for easy maintenance, there is no need to remove the entire filter, as all individual components can be quickly and easily removed.

Key Features:

  • All internal filters have two filter chambers
  • One filter foam can always remain in the filter chamber during the cleaning process
  • The device remains in the aquarium during the cleaning process
  • Includes a practical filter medium removal device for clean use
  • Continuous control of the flow rate to suit the aquarium
  • Outlet nozzle can also be rotated 180
  • Controllable Venturi system provides additional oxygen supply
  • Elegant compact design, low space requirements
  • Easy to attach with stable adhesive suckers
  • TÃœV/GS tested

Simply attach your IN plus filter to the side of the aquarium using the suckers provided, ensuring that it is submerged. You can then adjust the flow rates with the flow-control dial, and you can redirect the flow with the rotating outlet.

To clean the sponge, simply wash it in a bowl of aquarium water, but NOT under the tap. Tap water will kill the friendly filter bacteria. Wash or replace one sponge at a time. Always read the instructions carefully before use.

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