Trixie Bird Lamp

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Trixie Bird Lamp

Trixie Bird Lamp –

This UV bulb is designed to help boost the well being and activity of birds.

It is especially useful whilst breeding but can also just be used in general.

Energy saving spiral bulb with a screw fitting.

Anti-flicker even for birds so will cause no discomfort.

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Suitable for all types of birds.

Key Features:

  • optimal light spectrum with UV-A (25 %) rays and a low proportion of UV-B (2.6 %).
  • emitted UV-A rays facilitate activity, reproduction and appetite.
  • naturally balanced visible spectrum, with “Daylight” colour temperature.
  • excellent natural colour rendering therefore the produced daylight spectrum supports plant growth.

Length: 15 cm.     Diameter: 6 cm.     Wattage: 23 Watt.

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