Trixie Capri 3 Open Top Transport Box

Trixie Capri 3 Open Top Transport Box –

Small dogs travel safely in the box by car, bus or train.

You can open the crate at the front and top with a metal grid on top and also a metal door and handle. Make use of the floor space behind the front seats. Place the box so that it cannot shift.

With ventilation slits for ideal air circulation.

Colour: Light grey/Dark grey

Key Features:

  • Plastic
  • With a metal grid on top
  • With metal door and handle
  • You can also open at the front and top
  • Ventilation slits for ideal air circulation
  • Colour: light grey/dark grey

Measurements: Small, 40 x 38 × 61 cm    Weight: 2.5 kg    Up to: 12 kg

On tour, on a trip or when going to the vet: our car seats, protective car blankets, car grids, and car harnesses allow your dog to travel safely and in comfort. There is also a large choice of transport boxes and transport cages for cars, train journeys or planes.

Small dogs fit also into a fashionable and handy bag, backpack or trolley. (All sold separately)

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Capri 3 Open Top transport box, S: 40 x 38 x 61 cm, light grey/dark grey – MPN : 39861