Trixie Catnip Play Spray 50ml


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Trixie Catnip Play Spray 50ml

Trixie Catnip Play Spray 50ml –

Catnip play spray for cats containing catmint extract to encourage play. For example you can apply the spray to cat toys and scratching furniture.

Key Features:

  • Contains catnip extracts
  • Use on objects for playing or cuddling

Contents: 50 ml

Cat toys are also available in all kinds of versions depending on how the cat wants to play.

Made of plush or other fabric, jute or plastic, with catnip, valerian or made of matatabi – there is the perfect toy for every cat.

Instructions for use: Shake well before use. Spray on blankets, toys or other objects for playing and cuddling.

Do not use the spray more than once or twice a week because of its exhilarating effect, as this could overexcite the cat. Do not spray on the cat.

Warning: Keep out of reach on children.   Ingredients: Water, Catnip oil

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