Trixie Crazy Circle


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Trixie Crazy Circle

Trixie Crazy Circle –

You can join plastic elements as you desire for multiple game variations with flashing ball.

Ideal for playing in the dark whilst stimulating the cat’s hunting instinct. A great interactive toy which will surely excite your feline friend!

Cats simply can not get enough of this toy!

Key Features:

  • Plastic
  • With plush mouse (polyester) on a spring and toy ball
  • You can join elements as desired
  • For multiple game variations
  • With flashing ball
  • Ideal for playing in the dark
  • Also stimulates the cat’s hunting instinct

Cat toys are available in all kinds of versions depending on how the cat wants to play.

Made of plush or other fabric, jute or plastic, with catnip, valerian or made of matatabi – there is surely the perfect toy for every cat.

The classic plush mouse or ball also entice the cat to give chase, on a scratching board they can sharpen their claws and battery-operated toys or play rods encourage playing and frolicking.

Measurements: 24 x 29 cm

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Crazy Circle with plush mouse, 24 x 29 cm – MPN : 4135