Trixie Dog Fur Care Glove


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Trixie Dog Fur Care Glove

Trixie Dog Fur Care Glove –

This glove cleans their fur while you stroke them. Encourages blood circulation and frees the fur from dead hair.

  • High wearing comfort due to comfortable mesh material
  • With hook and loop fastener for secure fit
  • Especially soft rubber tips
  • Also suitable for sensitive and young animals
  • Stimulates the blood flow
  • Frees the coat from dead hair and dust

Measurements: 18 × 24 cm  *  Coat Type: 4/5

Dog coats have to be groomed according to their type and according to the season. This can be either shampooing or trimming with clippers.

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Coat care glove, 18 x 24 cm – MPN : 23391