Trixie Junior Set of Adjustable Puppy Collars

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Trixie Junior Set of Adjustable Puppy Collars

Trixie Junior Set of Adjustable Puppy Collars –

Fully adjustable nylon puppy collars, ideal to tell puppies apart in the litter due to the diverse colours.

They also allow puppies to adjust to collars from a young age.

Come with safety lock, without D-ring.

Key Features:

  • Continuously adjustable webbing tape
  • With safety lock
  • Without D-ring
  • To tell puppies apart
  • Also gets puppies used to wearing a collar
  • Available in 2 sizes

Sizes available: S-M (17-25 cm/10 mm) or M-L (22-35 cm/10 mm).

6 Pack – Available in 2 sets of colours:

  • Primary Colours – Black, Red, Royal blue, Apple, Papaya, Orchid
  • Pastel Colours – Fuchsia, Graphite, Indigo, Forest, Coral, Ocean

There are dog collars in a large number of versions and with various additional functions.

In our product range you can find collars e.g. made of easy-care nylon with various motifs or made of robust genuine leather, extra wide models, stop-the-pull collars or reflecting ones.

The choice of shapes, materials and functions is large.

We also offer our models in various colours so that every dog gets the accessory that matches his fur colour.

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S-M Primary 6pck, S-M Pastels 6pck, M-L Primary 6pck, M-L Pastels 6pck, S-M 12 Pack, M-L 12 Pack