Trixie Natural Living Bridge
Trixie Natural Living Cage Bridge
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Trixie Natural Living Cage Bridge


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Trixie Natural Living Cage Bridge

Trixie Natural Living Cage Bridge –

We attach the highest value to your pet’s health.

For this reason, our Natural Living items are made of coniferous wood without resin canals, as resin can be poisonous for some animals.

The types of wood we use do not exude resin and are dried extensively before being processed as well. The glue we use is also non-toxic for animals and consists of a rubber or cellulose mix.

Measurements: 63 × 18 × 15 cm

A varied small animal enclosure needs elements that then allow the pets to climb, cuddle or hide.

When equipping an enclosure or cage, you need to make sure you meet the natural instincts of rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents as well as their preferences.

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Natural Living cage bridge, 63 x 18 x 15 cm – MPN : 62122