Trixie Natural Living Wooden Bridge


Trixie Natural Living Wooden Bridge

Trixie Natural Living Wooden Bridge –

Made of interlocked natural wood segments. It offers room to climb or take shelter for small animals.

Small animals need safe retreat areas to hide in their enclosures.

TRIXIE offers a wide range of different small animal homes suitable for each individual small pet.

Also available in various sizes.

Key Features:

  • Flexible
  • Bark wood
  • Available in 4 sizes

Create a comfortable home for your rabbit or small rodent with the right style of suitable enclosure furnishings.

Various beds, caves and tunnels bring variety into the small animal cage and also encourage the inhabitants to play, cuddle or climb.

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and the like get ample opportunities to be active in their homes.

For rabbits and small rodents we also offer a variety of product ranges, the products of each similar in design and purpose.

Sizes available in:

  • 22 x 10 cm (for e.g.: Hamsters, Mice)
  • 28 x 17 cm (for e.g.: Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs)
  • 51 × 30 cm (for e.g.: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs)
  • 65 x 40 cm (for e.g.: Rabbits)

TRIXIE has been focusing on pets for over 40 years, with now 6500 products on offer and also lots of ideas and information on your pet.

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Natural Living bridge, 22 x 10 cm – MPN : 62151,
Natural Living bridge, 28 x 17 cm – MPN : 62152,
Natural Living bridge, 51 x 30 cm – MPN : 62153,
Natural Living bridge, 65 x 40 cm – MPN : 62154

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