Trixie Plastic Dog Muzzle


Trixie Plastic Dog Muzzle

Trixie Plastic Dog Muzzle –

Muzzles and muzzle loops are important aids for the safety and well-being of dogs. They are used to minimise the risk of unexpected incidents in certain situations while maintaining the dog’s freedom of movement.

When should a dog wear a muzzle?

New dog: When you adopt a new dog, her reactions in various situations are unknown to you to start with. At such times, a muzzle can provide additional security combined with a lead.

Travelling: It is advisable to find out about local regulations on handling dogs in public before travelling abroad. Stricter rules may apply in certain regions, requiring the use of a muzzle in various situations.

Visits to the vet: A dog muzzle can be useful when you take your dog to the vet. Under pain or stress, dogs can react unpredictably and snap. A muzzle protects the vet and yourself in such situations.

Public transport: Some forms of public transport, such as Deutsche Bahn, require dogs to wear a muzzle.

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