Trixie PREMIO Fish & Duck Appetizer 50g


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Trixie PREMIO Fish Duck Appetizer 50g

Trixie PREMIO Fish & Duck Appetizer 50g –

Complementary pet snack for cats.

With Fish and Duck. Very tasty treats that make an ideal snack between meal times and also come in a resealable bag to keep treats fresher for longer!

Meat content 68%, fish content 23%

Key Features:

  • With duck and fish
  • Meat content 68 %, fish content 23 %
  • In resealable bag

Contents/Weight: 50 g

Cat snacks as treats or also as complementary feed to promote health. The TRIXIE product range surely offers everything that cats need.

We offer a large choice of cat snacks to pamper your cat or as reward for special moments.

Our PREMIO items have a high content of meat or fish making them extra high-quality cat treats.

We also have snacks with anti-hairball effect or our Denta Fun treats for cats that support dental care besides rewarding (Sold Separately).

Products for cats such as cat toys, places for cats to liecat flapscat snacksscratching posts and scratching furniture or products for cat care.

Your cat is learning something new at the moment and you are using a lot of treats? Then why not try out our new trainer snacks which are kept extra small.

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PREMIO Fish Duck Appetizer, 50g – MPN : 42747