Trixie Rattling Tin with Magnet


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Trixie Rattling Tin with Magnet

Trixie Rattling Tin with Magnet –

A dog training aid made from metal, plastic and polyester.

Considered very easy and quick to use. It consists of a strap and clip, the clip attaches the product to your dogs belt or lead.

The red bag attached to the strap is filled with metal balls. When you attach the bag to the strap all of the metal balls are held in place because of the magnet, this will prevent any unwanted sounds.

When you pull the red bag away from the strap, the metal balls inside start to make a rattling sound. The rattling sounds will also help to get your dogs attention in training.

Removable cover that you can hand wash.

This particular training accessory also includes a booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training.

Key Features:

  • Metal, plastic, polyester
  • Magnet also prevents unwanted sounds
  • Easy and quick to use
  • With reflective stripe
  • With clip to also attach to a belt or lead
  • Removable cover, hand wash
  • Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

Measurements: 22 cm      Colour: Red/Grey

Dog whistles, clickers, target sticks and training discs are all part of effective training.

They help to give the dog clear acoustic or visual signals.

TRIXIE has been focusing on pets for over 40 years, with now 6500 products on offer and also lots of ideas and information on your pet.

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