Trixie Rug Cat Litter Tray Mat


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Trixie Rug Cat Litter Tray Mat

Trixie Rug Cat Litter Tray Mat –

This rug is suitable for all litter trays. The microfibres clean the paws and also ensures great retention of moisture and dirt.

This non-slip mat collects any extra litter and will also prevent it from spreading around the house.

Colour: Anthracite

  • PVC
  • Suitable for all litter trays
  • Removes cat litter from the paws
  • Especially for sensitive cats
  • Also suitable for ultra litter
  • Non-slip
  • Version: Rectangle

As feline lovers will know all too well, cats have a tendency to wipe their paws after going to the toilet and wiping them on the floor.

The mat will help your cat to remove the litter and ensure that it isn’t dragged around the house.

Measurements: 37 × 45 cm

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Cat litter tray mat, PVC, 37 x 45 cm, anthracite – MPN : 40381