Trixie Suckling Bottle Set
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Trixie Suckling Bottle Set


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Trixie Suckling Bottle Set

Trixie Suckling Bottle Set –

What is it for?: to support new-born animals and provide orphaned animals with liquid and food.

This feeding bottle set for feeding baby animals consists of one bottle with three silicone suckers and a bottle brush for cleaning.

Key Features:

  • For puppies and kittens of small, medium-sized and large breeds
  • 3 teats in different sizes
  • With detailed instructions how to clean, prepare and feed the milk and how often to feed
  • Replacement teats also available separately

Suitable for: Small animal babies, e.g. small puppies and kittens, guinea pigs, rabbits.

Please Note:

  • Orphaned animals need to be offered a milk substitute suitable for their species as soon as possible. To raise them adequately, look for a replacement mother at the same time.
  • With detailed instructions how to clean, prepare and feed the milk and also how often to feed

We have added suckling bottles and suckling aids to our product range for the quick feeding of new-born animals.

If a puppy comes into your home, you will need special equipment for the little pet. Extra hygiene products help to house-train the little one. With small puppy products, you can acquaint the puppy gently to being on a leash.

We also offer products for raising puppies. An exciting time with the new member of your family awaits you!

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Suckling bottle set for small puppies, 57 ml – MPN : 4193