Trixie Waist Belt Band & Tape Leash

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Trixie Waist Belt Band & Tape Leash

Trixie Waist Belt Band & Tape Leash –

The handy waist belt with dog leash is ideal for jogging or walking. Both hands are free also with shock absorber for cushioning sudden jolts.

Waist belt with leash for jogging or walking with medium-sized or large dogs. Strain relief and also neoprene padding make it comfortable to wear.

TRIXIE has been focusing on pets for over 40 years, with now 6500 products on offer and lots of ideas and information on your pet.

  • Made of hard-wearing tape leash
  • Ideal for jogging, nordic walking etc
  • Hands free due to elastic waist band
  • Special attachment hook with swivel joint also prevents the leash from getting twisted
  • Sudden tugs by the dog are softened by the shock absorber and elastic waist band
  • Incl. two pockets for mobile phone, treats, drinking bottle etc.
  • With reflective stripes
  • Padded cover for waist belt’s buckle at the back
  • Quick release due to buckle
  • Leash with hand loop, thus suitable for normal leashing

Dog leashes are not only necessary or convenient, they can also be a fashion accessory.


Belt – 60-120 cm / 40 mm

Leash – 1.00-1.35 m / 25 mm

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Waist belt with leash, up to 40 kg, black – MPN : 1275