TRM Pet Myozol 200ml


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TRM Pet Myozol 200ml

TRM Pet Myozol 200ml –

Myozol is a feed material for dogs which promotes physical well being, and overall appearance.

MYOZOL is a feed material for dogs made with a refined Rice Bran Oil, maximising the concentration of Gamma Oryzanol. It is a high energy food which is particularly suitable for feeding to dogs to promote physical well being, and overall appearance.

It is suitable for feeding as a nutritional adjunct to:

  • Dogs in rehabilitation with reduced mobility.
  • Pre and Post operative dogs.
  • Show dogs.
  • Young fast growing dogs to support hind quarter muscle structure.
  • Older dogs.
  • Working dogs.

Size: 200ml

Instructions for Proper Use: Feed Myozol once a day in your pets food.

  • Small Dogs (up to 10 kg):Feed 1 ml daily.
  • Medium Dogs (10 kg to 25 kg):Feed 2 ml daily.
  • Large Dogs (25 kg to 40 kg):Feed 3 ml daily.
  • Very Large Dogs (over 40 kg):Feed 4 ml daily

The TRM range of supplements for cats and dogs consists of products to support arthritic joints, gastrointestinal tract health and skin and coat health.

Your pets can benefit from supplements that are specially and scientifically formulated to meet their needs.

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