Twitch Guinea Pig Crunch 2kg


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Twitch Guinea Pig Crunch 2kg

Twitch Guinea Pig Crunch 2kg –

Our complementary guinea pig feed, designed to be fed alongside a diet that is up to 85% hay or fresh grass.

It contains extra vitamin C, essential to keep your guinea pig healthy, and linseed to help promote a healthy skin and coat.

High quality ingredients are combined into a single nugget formula to avoid selective feeding and also promote a balanced diet.

Key Benefits:

  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH – With 19% fibre and yeast extracts to help promote a healthy gut and efficient digestion
  • SKIN & COAT – With added linseed to help maintain healthy skin and coat
  • TASTY RECIPE – Includes peas and apple pomace to also create a tasty nugget
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Our combination of vitamins A, C and E with carefully selected trace elements help to support a healthy immune system
  • ADDED VITAMIN C – Essential in a guinea pig’s diet to prevent deficiency and health problems
  • NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS – We do not add any artificial colours or flavours to our foods

Size: 2 kg

At Wagg, we put Guinea Pig’s needs before our own and create complementary, balanced recipes to keep our furry pals healthy and happy.

Every ingredient we use has a purpose, with nothing extra added that your Guinea Pig doesn’t need.

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