VETIQ Flea Guard Tablets

VETIQ Flea Guard Tablets –

VetIQ® Flea Guard® tablets contain a totally natural unique blend of ingredients which then helps to repel fleas & ticks.

No drops to put on the back of the neck; no lasting chemicals in your pets’ skin or bloodstream.

Flea Guard is a superb natural deterrent for fleas & ticks and is also safe to use as it has no adverse reactions or leaves any pesticide residue.

Key Features:

  • Helps keep your pet free from fleas, ticks & mosquitoes
  • Healthy skin & glossy coat
  • Also contains a blend of B vitamins & garlic
  • No more doggy smells

Contents: 90 Tablets.

Flea Guard™ contains a blend of B vitamins, yeast, zinc and garlic which then help to make your pet’s blood less palatable to fleas, tick & mosquitoes.

In addition, this blend of ingredients has the benefit of reducing the soggy doggy smells, whilst also keeping their coat glossy & skin healthy.

This product does not contain added salt, sugar or preservatives.

Directions for use:

  • Cats – Up to 5 kg =1 scoop daily
  • Dogs – Up to 5 kg = 1 scoop daily
  • Dogs – 5 – 10 kg = 2 scoops daily

Flea Guard is surely the perfect product for customers who want a natural alternative to the chemical treatments available.

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VETIQ FLEA GUARD 90TAB x 1 – MPN : 141881