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Pumpkin Day has arrived!

reading time: 3 minutes

October 26th is Pumpkin Day!

And we’ve got just the things for the occasion! Read on and find out all about the pumpkin treats perfect for your pets…

Our very own Skye & Murphy Dog Superfood comes in seven flavours – one of which being English Country Duck, featuring pumpkin! Made in Great Britain and completely free of grain, it’s sure to please your pup!

Also for dogs, the Natures Menu Turkey with Cranberries & Pumpkin Bars are a healthy snack for at home or on the go! Air-dried to pack in maximum flavour and goodness, they’re made from tender turkey and a handful of fruit and veg, and they’re rich in protein, too!

Bucktons Elite Parrot Food (12.75kg), suitable for all parrots, contains a variety of ingredients intriguing for your bird, from pumpkin seeds and papaya to pineapple and pine nuts!

An all natural, high-quality snack for small pets and rabbits, Trixie’s Pure Natural Hay Bale is stuffed with both pumpkin and carrot. It’s also great entertainment for your pet!

Promoting digestive and dental health, plus natural foraging instincts, Tiny Friends Farm’s Harry Hamster Tasty Mix (with pumpkin seeds) is a flavourful food your hamsters will love!

Tiny Friends Farm’s Gerri Gerbil Mix is likewise a nutritionally balanced food for gerbils of all ages, and features pumpkin seeds as part of delicious mix with no added sugar!



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