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Rat Care Guide

Rat Care Guide

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Rat Care Guide-  Is a Rat the right pet for you?

Rat Care GuideDo you have a new family pet in mind perhaps something cute, small and friendly natured? How’s about a pet Rat? Rats love company, their sociable and affectionate presence makes these little buddies an ideal family pet. Rats enjoy the company of other Rats- so it may be worth considering a couple of little companions. There are many species of domestic Rats; Dumbo Rats, Fancy Rats, Rex Rats….. With so many to choose from, it may take some time considering what species you would like. Nevertheless, you’ll have a new pet buddy to cuddle.

Did you know?

Rats spend several hours during the day grooming themselves and their group members- Rat Cleaning Routine! These small rodents are in fact highly intelligent and have the ability to be taught commandments- Teach your Rat a trick or two.

How to handle your Rat

Top tips- when taking your pet Rat home- you should allow them to get used to their enclosure for a day or two. Allow your new companion to sniff your hand so they can familiarise themselves with you and your smell. Stroking time! Rats enjoy human interaction so gently stroke them and once comfortable within your presence pick them up with care. Rats should be carefully scooped up with both hands- Never decide to pick them up by their tails!

Where should your Rat live?

Rat Care Guide Domestic Rats are generally housed within a wired cage with various platforms for entertainment. A good supply of toys including tunnels and ropes are great for fun and playful adventures.- Did you know Rats chatter their teeth when feeling happy! As snug as a Rat in a hammock- a space for rest and napping should be provided with nesting material for comfort. A thorough clean should take place at least once a week using hot water and a pet-safe disinfectant. Areas for urinating should be cleaned daily.  

What should your Rat Eat?

Rats are omnivores meaning they eat both plants and meat. Fruit, vegetables, grains & seeds and the even cooked egg will go down a treat. Feeding twice a day morning and evening and removing uneaten food will ensure they are nourished. Did you know? Rats use their smelling, tasting, touching and hearing sense to direct them to food.Fun and tasty obstacles- scattering and hiding food in the cage is a great way to keep your Rat active. Drinking bottles must be refilled during the day to prevent dehydration.

Foods to avoid as stated by RSPCA:

Onion/citrus fruits/walnuts/rhubarb/grapes/raisins/chocolate