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Reptiles - Things you may not know

Reptiles – Things you may not know

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Reptiles – Things you may not know

Reptiles – Things you may not know – Reptiles are weird and wonderful creatures. So here’s a quick list of stuff we could find that is strange and amazing about them!

To start this list off, there are over 8,000 species of reptiles on our planet. The only continent that they don’t live on? Antarctica, it’s too cold.

There is an Island off the coast of Brazil home to almost 4000 deadly snakes. They are considered to be one of, if not the most venomous snake known to man. Their venom is capable of melting human flesh. The Island is known to the locals as ‘Snake Island’.

Ever wondered why a snake flicks its tongue out in the air? They do it to capture scent particles. They collect the particles on their tongues, then pass them over a special organ which figures out the air around them. Essentially, they are tasting the air!

Reptiles have been on this planet for over 200 million years, yes, that’s right. In 2007 a 220 million-year-old turtle fossil was found. They literally outlived the Dinosaurs!

An Iguana is capable of staying under water for up to 28 minutes! That’s a very long time!

For some pregnant reptiles, the temperature can actually determine the sex of the baby.

Chameleon’s are known for being able to blend into their background and change the colour of their skin. However, this isn’t completely true. They don’t change colour to blend into their background, it’s more to do with emotional or temperature changes.


These are just a few thought-provoking, weird facts that we could find about reptiles. Next time you’re with your friends you can surprise them with a few strange facts!

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