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Small Animals – a little helping hand!

reading time: 4 minutes

Although they aren’t as big as cats or dogs, small animals still need a lot of care and attention. Here we have a few things you need to think about for your pet.

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Housing & Bedding

When buying a small animal you need to think about where they are going to live. You need to find a place where they have enough room to move around but not too much that they can escape. Always think ahead. Be careful when you buy your pet’s first home because they are going to grow so plan for it. Buy something that can accommodate them once they have grown too. Make sure there is enough room for food, water and space for them to run around and play. You’ll have to choose the bedding next. One that absorbs moisture, removes odour and easily cleanable. Some of the more popular ones are hay, wood shavings, straw, and paper bedding.

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Equipment and Feeding

One of the things you need to take into account is the placement of the food and water. Bowls on the floor can be easily knocked over so we would advise getting a water bottle, one that secures to the side of the cage. With food, a bowl should be fine but you’ll need to pay attention and clean up if a mess is made. One way to try and combat this is to buy one that’s hard plastic. It will be heavier so hopefully, it won’t get tipped over.

You will need to give fresh food and water every day. The different animal needs different food, so do your research beforehand and make sure you know what type of food your pet eats. Fresh fruit and vegetables are also a good thing to feed your pet, but make sure you know which types they are allowed. They won’t need fruit and veggies every day, some may only be allowed them occasionally. If you do have any pet treats, make sure you don’t give them too much. Just like us with chocolate and sweets, it’s best to have them occasionally!

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Toys and Exercise

All animals need some form of exercise. Smaller animals like hamsters should have an exercise wheel and ball so they can run around. Bigger animals like Rabbits or Chinchillas can be let out into the garden. If you choose to let your pet play outside, make sure you teach them from a young age where they are allowed to play and what they can and can’t do. You should always supervise your pet when they’re out in the garden too, to make sure they’re safe. Certain animals like Rabbits do need to chew toys. They need to chew toys so that their teeth don’t grow too big.

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These are just a few of the things you need to think about when keeping a small pet. They do need a lot of affection and attention. As long as you take these care tips into consideration, you and your pet should be very happy together! We are constantly updating our online store with new products fit for your small animals, sign up to our newsletter, at the bottom of our website,  to be notified when new products are available!

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