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Small Animals

Small Animals – Stuff You Can’t Miss

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Small Animals – Stuff You Can’t-Miss

Small Animals – Stuff You Can’t-Miss – When it comes to owning a small animal, there are just so many to choose from. From Guinea Pigs to Chinchillas, Hamsters to Rabbits and everything in between. Here are a few products we’ve found that small animals love, so we’re passing it on to you.

Nibble Toys

Pretty much every small animal we give these to love them. They sit there and sink their teeth into them without a second thought. They also provide a lot of health benefits so they’re a good thing all around. We definitely advise you to get a couple of these for your small pets, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a way to keep your pet from nibbling on you too.

Play Tunnels

Don’t get me wrong, it looks like fun, but I imagine it would get boring after the first couple of times. The same can’t be said for rabbits and guinea pigs too. They love running up and down in the tunnels for ages and it’s a good way to keep them from trying to tunnel elsewhere. There’s a lot of different style of play tunnels you can get, we recommend one you can bend into a variety of different shapes.

Treat Ball

Small Pets adore these. You load the toy with fruit or vegetables, adjust the opening to control the flow and give it to your pet. They will start rolling the ball around trying to get all of the juicy food out and it will keep them occupied for ages. Not only is it a fun way of feeding your small animal fruit and veg, they have a lot of fun rolling the ball around and trying to figure out where the food is coming from.

Interactive Games

There are so many different interactive toys you can get to enhance playtime with your pet. A specific one that we have uses small animals natural instincts of foraging and hunting to keep them entertained. It involves them looking for treats by listening, learning and watching. It is a really good way of keeping your pet’s mind active and alert and helps the two of you bond. Your little pet will love it just as much as you do.

Final Thoughts

These are toys we have tried and tested on the animals we have looked after but every pet is different and will respond to different things. If you want to check out our full range of small pet products, click here.