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Spoil Your Dog Day 2023!

reading time: 3 minutes

10th of August is Spoil Your Dog Day!

What, you didn’t know? Well don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our picks!

An rip-roaring pick to start with – the NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster is hours of amusement for a dog of any age! Launching balls up to 50 feet, just take aim with it and start the fun!

All that excitement, now how about a relax… The All For Paws Little Buddy Heartbeat Sheep is a snuggly plush toy that features a heartbeat device to keep puppies comforted and calm, especially when you’re out of the house!

Another great toy, for tugging! The Ancol Super Snake XL Dog Toy is squeaky, super-tough, and perfect for dogs small and big, at over 1 metre long!

When you take your pup outdoors though, surely you’ll want them looking stylish! Crafted from fine leather and suedette material, with vibrant hand stitching and embellished with decorative details, the Rosewood Luxury Leather Collars are, naturally, perfect for just that!

Something different now for if you’re taking your pet on holiday soon! The Ancol Paws on Tour Rear Seat Hammock simply attaches to your car headrests for a simple and trouble-free way to keep your seats and footwells free of mud and hair, while maximising the space for your pet!

Grooming made easy-peasy. The Ancol Ergo Shedmaster Tool is great for grooming your dog, and perfect for getting puppies used to it!

And finally, an item to top off your adorable pet’s chic look! Reversible and made from 100% recycled material, the Ancol Dino/Ice Cream Patterned Bowtie matches Ancol’s full style range, and add just that extra bit of cuteness!

We hope this blog gives you some ideas for spoiling your dog on, well, Spoil Your Dog Day 2023!


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