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Lady holding beagle puppy.

Spoil Your Dog Day

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Happy Spoil Your Dog Day! Here at HugglePets, we know how much our customers love to spoil their family pets. So for one weekend only, we have handpicked our best selling products and discounted them for you! From Ancol Cooling products to Mikki Grooming Brushes, we have chosen the best products to spoil your dog!

In this blog, we are going to show you our top 5 products, handpicked to spoil your dog with!

With the summer heatwaves due again, keeping your dog cool and happy – just got cheaper and easier!

Ancol Cooling Mats

The Ancol Cooling Mats are this seasons pet essential – the mat is suitable for not only dogs but cats too! The core absorbs heat and changes from a solid to a liquid, it will cool your pet for several hours, much more efficient than gel mats commonly available.

We are proud to announce that for Spoil Your Dog weekend, the Ancol Cooling Mats are on a 23% sale – prices start from just £19.95!!

Mikki Dual Slicker Brush

There is no denying that keeping your dog clean and tidy is a vital part of any dog’s routine. Whether you take them to a professional groomer, like our Huggles Pamper Lounge Pet Grooming Salon, or wash them in the back garden with the hosepipe, it is important that your dog is brushed weekly.  Read our blog here to find out more about the importance of brushing your dog!


Another saving to add to the collection, Mikki Dual Slicker Brush is now only £12.59! A summer essential with all that loose fur!

Pointer Meaty Beefy Marrowbone Rolls

The way to any dog’s heart is through their mouth and treats are a great way to do just that! Our August offers were updated and these Pointer Meaty Beefy Marrowbone Rolls were in this month’s offers! You can see more of our monthly offers over on our Facebook page!

Pointer Meaty Beefy Marrowbone Rolls are tasty wheatmeal dog biscuits with added calcium for healthy teeth and bones. A delicious crunchy biscuit roll, ideal for any size of dog. Also ideal as a reward or training treats. The 2kg bag of doggy delight is at a massive 29% saving for the whole month! The Pointer Meaty Beefy Marrowbone Rolls are just £4.49.

Ancol Travel Harness Black / Ancol Travel Harness Red

Treat your dog to a day out with this duo Travel and Exercise Harness from Ancol. Available in Red and Black and in S, M, L, and XL. With large contact areas for superior support and a reflective strip, this strong and sturdy harness has been a long-time favourite.

Ancol Travel & Exercise Harness - Red

This harness has been a customer favourite for years, so pick up your new harness for as cheap as £9.95! Saving up to a massive 37% on both Red and Black.

Ancol 3 Chain Leather Dog Collars

Lastly, but for sure not least, the Ancol Heritage 3 Chain Leather Dog Collars! Classically designed with tradition and strength in mind, this collar is a hardy and long-lasting accessory for your dog. The Ancol Heritage Chain Collar is available with a leather tongue in black or tan.


The Ancol Heritage 3 Chain Leather Dog Collar is now on sale for as little as £8.95!

Arlo wearing a Ancol collar on Spoil Your Dog Day. He is on a wooden pallet.
Arlo working hard in the HugglePets warehouse!

These collars are a hit with our Staffordshire Bull Terriers and French Bulldogs. Arlo is one of many happy customers!

Are 3 chains a bit too much for your dog? We have a solution! We have the same collar in 2 chains too!

Ancol 2 Row Medium Dog Chain Collar

The Ancol Heritage Chain Collar is available with a leather tongue in black or tan. Heritage Leather Leads (ALSO ON SALE)  and Heritage Leather Handled Chain Leads (ON SALE) are available from Ancol in black and tan to perfectly complement the Heritage 2 Row Chain Collar.


Ancol 2 Row Medium Dog Chain Collar

These collars are also on sale! Prices starting at just £6.99!

The offer ends on Monday 12th August at 12 pm. Available online and in-store. Whilst stock lasts, spoil your dog with HugglePets. Any questions send us a message on our Facebook page, or call us on 01902 494 860!